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This is easy. You don’t need to do anything. Just keep your original pickup receipt and it will be good for 2021.
Keeping your tickets guarantees you a lower price than any 2021 prices. Keeping your original pickup receipt will also serve as your renewal for 2021. There will be no other chance this fall to renew your seats or campsites for 2021.

We had to move Jon Pardi from the 8PM Saturday show to 8PM Thursday.  We put Morgan Wallen at 8PM Saturday instead.  If you wanted to see Jon Pardi, we are offering an option to upgrade your Saturday general admission ticket to a 3 Day ticket for $127 (including all fees).  Use the Additional Order Form and select the product called Sat-3Day Upgrade.  This is only available for General Admission tickets. After the refund period is over, we will send you a new Pickup Receipt with the upgrade. Your old Pickup Receipt will be voided, please destroy it.

In case you want to try to upgrade a seat, campsite, or ticket that you already have to an item that was previously sold out, fill out the Upgrade Form and email it to More instructions are on the forms. We will let you know if any of the items you want are available after the refund period.

If you can’t make it in 2021 but would still like to keep your seats and/or camping spot for future years, you can sell your order to another person. The buyer just needs to have your original 2020 pickup receipt to use for 2021. You can list your tickets on our Face Book page for now. We are planning a verified ticket resale site in the near future for your convenience.

Refund deadline is June 30th

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