Frequent Question

Find answers to frequent questions here.  Call our ticket office anytime 9AM - 1PM  Monday - Friday

Country Concert General Questions: 

NOTICE ABOUT SCALPING. Advertising or selling renewable seats and camp sites for above the original sale prices will result in those items not being renewed the following year. We understand that sometimes things come up and you can't attend, but you still want to renew your renewable items. Pickup Receipts are transferable without changing the name. If you see someone scalping seats or campsites for above the original sale price, email screen shots and links to

Q – I have never been there; what is it like?
A – Country Concert is the Midwest’s Premier Music and Camping Festival with Superstar Entertainment, Great Camping, and Fun Loving People. It takes place on a 500 acre Facility near Fort Loramie, Ohio. The event started in 1981. It has a world class permanent stage in a natural amphitheater setting with giant video screens. Country Concert has been filmed for television and for artists’ music videos. There are lots of food, beverage, souvenir, and other types of vendors in the show area. You can bring coolers including alcohol (no glass). There is a variety of Reserved Seat and General Admission options. Many types of camp sites are also available which are close to the show area, including sites with electric and water hookups.

Q – Are coolers allowed at Country Concert?
A – Coolers are welcome at Country Concert. You can have any size cooler in the campgrounds. In the show area there is a maximum cooler size of 14” x 14” x 14” (so they fit under your lawn chair or seat). You may bring in alcohol, but no glass, please. Reasonably priced food and beverages are available in the show area. Last year you could purchase 15 Keystone Light Beers for $30, including a bag of ice.

Q – Is re-entry allowed in the show area?
A – Yes, you can leave the show area and return to your car or camper as many times as you like.

Q – Is parking available and what is the cost?
A – On-site day parking is the closest parking to the show area (very close). It’s fast and secure and costs $10 per car per entry.  There is handicapped parking also on-site. Just enter the main concert entrance. Parking revenue benefits our local volunteer fire department. (Overnight parking is also available. See Campground Questions.)

Q – Do I need to bring a lawn chair?
A – The general admission areas are grassy. You can bring lawn chairs, but no chaise lounge type chairs are allowed. Seats are provided in all the Reserved Seat areas.

Q – What is the Gold Circle Area?
A – The Gold Circle Area is a fenced area right behind the Club Reserved seats. You can purchase General Admission tickets with or without Gold Circle Access (while supplies last). You may bring a lawn chair, but it’s not required. No space saving with tarps, blankets, ropes, etc.

Q – What will I receive in the mail when I buy tickets?
A – When you purchase tickets you will receive a “PickUp Receipt” with all the items you ordered. Treat it like cash and bring the PickUp Receipt with you to the Concert. Bring it to the gate that is marked on the upper right of the PickUp Receipt. There it will be redeemed for the wristbands, lanyards, etc. that you purchased.

Q – Are children free?
A – Children 9 and under are free in the general admission area (accompanied by an adult). Children under 10 will need a ticket for Reserved Seating areas.

Q – What are the dates of future Country Concerts
July 11, 12, 13. 2024
July 10, 11, 12. 2025
July 9,10,11. 2026

Q – Pets & Umbrellas?
A – Pets are not allowed on the Country Concert grounds. This means the campground and the Show Area. Umbrellas are allowed, but must be taken down during the performances.

Q – What items are prohibited?
A – For the safety of everyone attending Country Concert, weapons, picnic tables, furniture, fire rings, swimming pools, wheeled carts, wagons, air pressure type sprayers or squirt guns, kegs, bongs, funnels, metal flag poles, chaise lounges, portable carports, video cameras, fireworks, monster trucks, 4-wheelers, golf carts, and water balloons are prohibited on the grounds. All prohibited items will be confiscated. Cruising in the campgrounds is not permitted. Throwing beer cans or any other objects in the show area will result in arrest and possible felony assault charges. Persons engaging in violent or unruly behavior will be immediately ejected from the Country Concert grounds and may be subject to arrest. No refunds will be given for tickets or camping permits.  Drones are not permitted in the Show Area or the Campgrounds at any altitude. Country Concert utilizes drone prevention measures that may cause you to lose your drone, be removed from the event. and possibly be arrested.

Camping Questions:

Q - What do I need to be in the campground?
A - Everyone in the Campground must have a Concert Entrance Wristband for the day you are in the campground, AND a Campground wristband.  For example, if you only have a Friday Entrance Wristband, you can arrive with your camping unit on Friday (8AM - 9PM), camp overnight on Friday, and then leave by Saturday noon.   We take the safety of our campgrounds very seriously and being in the Campground without the proper Entrance Wristband AND Campground wristband is trespassing.  

Q – What is included when I buy a Camping Permit?
A – A Camping Permit includes one Camping Unit Pass (RV, Tent, etc.), one Vehicle Pass, and two Campground Wristbands. You can purchase up to 6 more Campground Wristbands at a nominal cost, for a total of 8 people per campsite. Everyone in the campgrounds must have a Concert Entrance Wristband and a Campground Wristband. You can also purchase one Additional Vehicle Pass for each Camping Permit, which allows you to park at or near your campsite. There is also Overnight Car Parking for campers located in separate lots near the Concert Side and Vera Side campgrounds.

Q – Can I park my car overnight?
A – There is Overnight Car Parking available, which is $15 per car, per night. Overnight Car Parking is available at two locations, near the Concert Side Campgrounds and the Vera Side Campgrounds. Campers can also purchase one Additional Vehicle Passes per campsite, which allow you to park overnight at or near your campsite. No one is permitted to sleep in their vehicles. Vehicles should be removed by 7:30 am the following the morning. Parking revenue benefits our local volunteer fire department.

Q – Do you have shuttle buses?
A – There are free shuttle busses that take Vera Campers to and from the Show Area. There is also a tunnel under State Route 66 for safe pedestrian access to the Vera Campgrounds. In the past we also have had a Golf Cart Taxi Company that provides rides to and from all areas of the event (for a fee).

Q – What about showers?
A – We have a company that provides hot, private showers in clean mobile shower trailers for a nominal fee. Showers are available in three locations.

Q – What size tent can I use in the Campgrounds?
A – The maximum size tent allowable is 15’ x 15’ or a maximum of 225 sq. ft. (if it’s not square). All our campground rules related to spacing, sizes, and number of people are part of Health Department regulations and good for everyone’s comfort, enjoyment and safety.

Q – What size are the campsites?
A - The campsites range from approximately 26’ x 45’ to 30’ x 50’, with some sites having size limitations as marked on our maps.

Q – What about campfires, tiki torches, grilling, etc.?
A – Due to the number of camping units, people and safety issues, no open flames are allowed in any of the campgrounds. That includes campfires, tiki torches, etc.; nothing with an open flame. Grilling on an above ground charcoal or gas grill is OK.

Q – Can I rent Private Portable Restroom at my campsite ?
A – Ace is our restroom company in the campgrounds. You can rent your own Private Restroom from them for your campsite.  

Q – Do you have fresh water and pumping services for campers?
A – The Ace Company provides fresh water fill-ups and pumping services for a fee.

Q – What are the use policies on sites with Electric and Water?
A – Country Concert has a campground water and electric system. Campers who rent a site with water and electric can have one electric cord and one water hose hooked to the camping unit only. No outside watering, pool filling, sprinkling, etc. is permitted. Campers should arrive with a full tank of fresh water, and empty black and grey tanks.