Read Before You Pack

Country Concert wishes to remain a fun and safe event for EVERYONE.  Below are a couple reminders.  Read our complete How To flyer for more info.  These reminders are common courtesy for most public events.
Bring a Good Vibe and have a Fun Time!

Sound systems and large speakers are not allowed at Country Concert or in the Campgrounds. Don't bring them to Country Concert. They will be confiscated without warning.  You may be asked to leave the venue.  Click here to learn why.

Guns are not allowed anywhere at Country Concert.  The Country Concert grounds has an Ohio liquor license (just like a bar).  Carrying a weapon into Country Concert is a serious criminal offense in Ohio.  Guns are also prohibited in the campgrounds.  Bringing one will result in criminal charges and confiscation.  Thanks!


 We proudly fly the American Flag, respectfully lit on top of the Country Concert stage every year.  For visibility and safety reasons, flags of any kind, banners, signs, etc. are not allowed in the show area. Flags are permitted in the campgrounds as long as they are safely hung and WITHOUT any vulgar language, the "F" word or lewd images. 

A word about our flag rules.  Unfortunately, a few people take things too far & rules are needed. No one wants to be behind someone standing holding an outstretched 3’ x 5’ flag.  Flags on long plastic or metal poles are dangerous and not allowed in the show area.

Flags are welcome in the campground as long as they are safely hung without f - words or vulgar or offensive language/images.

Thank you for making our event possible! We respect & appreciate everyone that attends and we are looking forward to a great weekend!”


Clothing, hats, signs, flags, etc with vulgar language, or lewd images are not allowed at Country Concert. Flags with the "F" word are not allowed anywhere at Country Concert. Violators will be asked to leave the event. Keep it clean and fun!!


Clothing, hats, etc with vulgar language, or lewd images are not allowed anywhere at Country Concert. Violators will be asked to leave the event. Keep it clean and fun!!
Clothing that is not appropriate for public events should not be worn at Country Concert. Exposed thongs, speedos, etc are NOT OK. Wear something fun...not gross. Violators will be asked change or to leave.


Our main goal is to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. There have been multiple fatalities due to carbon monoxide poisoning at other festivals. We also want everyone to get a good night sleep. 
If you have a generator that does not look safe, is not spaced out correctly, is too loud, or we receive a complaint about it, we will ask you to turn it off.  

Battery operated carbon monoxide alarms are available and are recommended for any camping situation,Tent, RV, Motorhome.


Smoking is not allowed in any of the reserved seating areas (stage front seats, reserved seats, platinum seats, platinum plus seats, club reserved seats, vipplus seats, etc).  Also, smoking is illegal under any tent or building (like the Saloon).
You can smoke in the open areas away from the reserved seating, tents, or buildings. 


Being in an area that you do not have the appropriate ticket for can result in being arrested and charged with criminal trespassing. Arrest will result in a court date and a hefty fine. 
We want the Fans who belong in certain areas to enjoy the event without being overcrowded by people who sneak in.   Examples are; if you sneak in the Gold Circle Area without a Gold Circle Wristband; if you are in the Campground without an entrance pass for that day and a Campground Wristband;  if you are in a seating area without the proper lanyard: if you are watching the show from the parking lot without an entrance ticket.


Drones are not permitted in the Show Area or the Campgrounds at any altitude. Country Concert utilizes drone prevention measures that may cause you to lose your drone, be removed from the event. and possibly be arrested.


Every year some people get tossed out and their wristbands taken for behaving poorly.  If that happens this year, there may be no tickets for sale to get you back into the show.  So help each other have an awesomely great time without doing dumb stuff and getting ejected!


Thanks for keeping Country Concert a Fun and Exciting event for everyone.  Country Concert has the best fans anywhere.  Get to know the people around you and make memories that will last a lifetime.  Its going to be amazing and we hope you enjoy every minute.