Below are your options for keeping your current tickets, seats, and campsites for Country Concert '21 - July 8,9,10.  

If you want to keep your existing tickets, seats, or campsites, you don't have to do anything. Just keep your existing Pickup Receipt (or the new one we send you with Thu - Fri switched).

By keeping your tickets for 2021 you are avoiding any price increases.  2021 prices will be higher than you paid for your 2020 tickets.  This process will also serve as your renewal for 2021. There will be no other renewal this fall.

Since many items were sold out, there may be an opportunity after the refund to upgrade your current seat or campsite. 

Since a couple artists changed days and a couple others were replaced, we have more roll over details and options below based on the ticket, seat, you purchased. Camping can be rolled over also.

Refund deadline is June 30th

3 Day Ticket Holders

Thursday or Friday Ticket Holders

Saturday Ticket Holders

2 Day Ticket Holders

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